Wedding Dress Alterations

Tailoring appointments are either done on the premises or flexible locations to suit you if you can not fit within shop hours, no need to take time off work!

Ever feel that the moment you mention weddings, prices are inflated a trillion times the normal?!

We have a fresh and different approach: we will never make any money

on your wedding dress alterations

We can only offer this service to customers who have bought their gowns from Love Me Do Brides

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Love Me Do Brides have a unique approach to tailoring your gown for your wedding.


Tailoring appointments can be done at the boutique or we have an out of boutique hours option for you, no need to take precious days off from work.




The only price you pay is for the seamstress time, there is no commission or money added for the boutique, we promise not to make any money on your fittings, meaning you are getting them done at trade cost making your costs a lot lower then other boutiques. 


For this reason this service is only available on gowns purchased from Love Me Do Brides